Record Covers

Who hasn’t ever bought a record just by the looks of the cover? Music is still the most direct way from the sensory organ to the soul, the task of the record cover is to reflect the music as a coherent whole and to visually underpin this impression. BlackYard offers the design of the cover, adaptation to the layout and all relevant formats from one source.


Since Gutenberg mankind has associated the bound medium with unknown worlds, new horizons and has always served as a source of knowledge and inspiration. With sensitivity to the subject at hand, a feel for the conveyed topic and an attentive eye for the bigger picture, BlackYard skillfully designs independent and visually appealing learning aids, specialist literature and art books.


Illustration is a true alchemist of visual representation. Time, space and purpose are the substance from which the illustrator draws. The illustration is a reproduced impression of a moment, can turn fiction into reality for a brief moment, or present a complex matter in a comprehensive way.
Illustration – along with graphics and typography – is BlackYard’s core business. Drawing is done by hand with pencil, fineliner, ink and brush. This results in images with impressive moods, fine details or humorous narratives. There are no limits to the illustration and therefore make a perfect complementary element to texts in magazines, journals and their covers.


Be it an icon or a logotype, for a startup, a medium-sized company or a large enterprise, whether you flip burgers or bargain flippers – BlackYard elicits your need and listens to your request, bundles image and type into a loyal visual companion that is delightfully handed over in form of a business card, a letterhead or used in digital form and leaves a favourable lasting impression.


What we do

Nurturing and progressing the artisanal aspects of illustration and graphic design isn’t a dogma, but our credo believed in and lived by. BlackYard is convinced that people see themselves reflected in and work visibly created by human hand, be it illustration, typography or graphic design. interests and specializations lead to a vast range of visual possibilities. The collaborative spirit fosters a coercive outcome both in image and type.

Customers of ours

Artha Samen • BEA expo • Beobachter • Blaser Treuhand • Chocolat Frey • Dachstock Reitschule • Espace Media • Expoforum • Fischer Papier • Formeldrei • Freitag • Gebrüder Frei • GQ • Hochparterre • Hotel Alpenblick • Inter Comestibles • Kitchener • Kung Fu Burger • L//P • New York Times • Numéro 10 • Obst&Gemuese • Publicis • Raumformer • Reportagen • Rod Kommunikation • Schweizerische Eidgenossenschaft • SP Schweiz • Stadt Bern • Swisscom • TagesWoche • Tamedia • TBWA • Transhelvetica • Universal Postal Union • Vater & Vater • Velostation • Volvo • Zimtstern

Who we are

Philipp Thöni

Illustrations with down to earth wit, crisp logos and elaborate graphic arrangements are substantial to his creative vocabulary. A visual decathlete..

Christian Calame

Dedicated to the style of alternative US-comics, his meticulous accurate ink brushstrokes have time and time been mistaken for computer generated vector lines.

Jared Muralt

Fineliner being his primary weapon of choice, his Franco-Belgian inspired style has gained him dedicated followers around the globe over the last few years.

Silvio Brügger

Advertisement Industry escapee and ex art director, he now has dedicated himself to graphic-, editorial design and typography with a coherent feel.

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