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Refund and Returns Policy

Return/Refund Policy

We only accept complaints for incorrect delivieries. Complaints must be placed during 10 days after your order is received. In case your complaint will be accepted all replacements and / or return of cash will be done during 14 working days counting from the day the complaint was accepted. We normally do not accept returns if you pressed the wrong buttons during the order, but will listen to what you have to say and return your payment (minus our expenses, including paypal fees and postage) if we think it’s appropriate, as long as the product is returned (at your expense) in good condition.

Damaged Goods

We pack posters in a sturdy cardboard tube suitable for transportation. Orders in Switzerland require a rectangular reinforced tube. Blackyard can not be held responsible for damages caused during transportation. All complaints concerning packages damaged during transportation must be made while receiving a shippment to the representative of the company delivering the package. If your package was received without complaint we will not accept your further complaint.

Questions about an item

If you have questions about an item email us! All complaints must be sent to:

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