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Jared’s Sketch book Collection 2011-2016

“Explore the complete collection of Jared Muralt’s sketchbooks published to date. Order all five books and only pay for four!”

Glimpse into the creative world of Jared Muralt with his cherished companions, the ‘Moleskine’ sketchbooks. Those trusty sidekicks have been a repository for his artistic journey since at least the year 2011. Within its pages, you’ll find not only fully realized artworks but also the birthplace of ideas, drafts for various projects, character studies, personal diary entries, and a myriad of fantastical creations straight from his imaginative mind. Explore the vivid tapestry of his artistry, where each book holds a unique story waiting to be told.

Printed authentically true to the original in offset on wood-free paper, each 120 -136 pages thread stitched and bound with a Balacron Naxos hardcover 128 mm x 210 mm

English translation in the back.

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Weight 930 g


Alster 100 gm2 – holzfrei Werkdruck – gelblichweiss



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